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It matters that Cambridge Helpdesk get on with my staff.

Good IT support claims many benefits, but curing insomnia is rarely on the list.

Yet working with Cambridge Helpdesk helps ensure Ray Perkins, Managing Director of Anatune, sleeps soundly.  “They deal with things that would otherwise be keeping me awake at night. The benefit of working with professionals is that they do the worrying for me – as a consequence I feel pretty secure.”

Anatune builds automated systems for chemical analysis by combining robots with instrumentation. Their high-tech solutions enable chemists to automate the otherwise mundane but time-consuming task of preparing samples, and are used in the analysis of everything from the food we eat to the air we breathe.

The science industry values precision and stability, so it is not surprising that Ray is keen to ensure his  IT is equally well calibrated. Cambridge Helpdesk has been the guardian of Anatune’s IT since 2009. Ray notes, “I like that they take our security very seriously; it’s obvious to me that they’re concerned about it and they take actions to protect us.”

The desire to minimise risk and guarantee continuity was one of the reasons that Ray took the decision to outsource Anatune’s IT support, having previously managed it in house. “In the earliest days you could say we made it up as we went along, and then we had a part-time employee. But as the company grew the job got bigger, and we needed cover for holidays and illness. It was time to bring in more comprehensive support.”

As a specialist in his field, Ray looks for suppliers who are equally expert in theirs, and finds it frustrating when providers sit on the fence. “I like suppliers to come and advise me, but some will not commit to a view. They’ll say ‘you could do this, you could do that’, but they’re the expert, so I want to know what they would do. Cambridge Helpdesk will always have a view and make a clear recommendation, based on their knowledge and the research they carried out on our behalf.”

Cambridge Helpdesk’s willingness and ability to conduct a detailed options analysis and present a considered proposal came into its own when Anatune needed to revise its network infrastructure. “I know Cambridge Helpdesk did a lot of thinking about that. Their conclusion was a two-stage approach: strategy a for now, and a migration to strategy b in the future. We accepted their advice and the judgement proved to be correct for us.”

Ray places a high value on the partnership that a successful long-term relationship can yield, and sense of ‘team’. “Not everyone in the IT sector has the best people skills and it does matter. It matters that Cambridge Helpdesk get on with my staff. So much so that someone coming into the business wouldn’t necessarily know where Anatune finishes and Cambridge Helpdesk starts.”

Ultimately it comes down to trust for Ray. “There’s two aspects to it. One is dependability – boring old predictability matters! The other is integrity. I don’t have to consider the cost every time I pick up the phone and I never worry about being over-charged. Trust is an old-fashioned word, but it counts for a lot in business.”


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Someone coming into the business wouldn't necessarily know where Anatune finishes and Cambridge Helpdesk starts.
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