Your business relies on strong connections.
We help everyone keep in close contact.






Be better connected.

You need uninterrupted internet access. The right solution could be business broadband, a 4G router for wireless broadband or even a leased line - a dedicated, private connection just for you that upgrades businesses with heavy internet traffic from a country lane to your own personal motorway. Our advice is always based on your needs and budget, and the options available at your location.


Manage calls through the cloud.

With our VoIP cloud-based phone systems, it doesn’t matter where anyone in your team is, to your callers it’ll seem like they’re all in the office. They can answer and make calls from anywhere, while hunt groups and call forwarding work seamlessly across office phones and mobiles. See who’s making and answering calls and who’s set to ‘do not disturb’.


Lost a device? Don’t lose your head. 

If your device gets lost or stolen, we can remotely reset passwords or even the entire device to keep company data secure should a mobile or laptop fall into the wrong hands.


Use apps safely. 

We can help you make sure staff only download genuine apps and don’t get caught out by malicious fakes, and set policies so company data can’t be copied from Outlook or SharePoint and pasted into other mobile apps.

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  • Business grade email
  • Spam and virus filtering
  • Email backup & archiving
  • User awareness training


Hardware & Software

  • Sourcing and setting up
  • Servers, desktops and laptops
  • Windows and macOS
  • Remote and onsite support

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