If we come across any useful software, websites, apps or tools we'll post some information about it here.

Please note, any software you install is entirely at your own risk as we can't vouch for the stability of all 3rd party applications.

Always source software from a reputable source and scan files for malware using an up to date virus scanner.


​99% uptime - that's gotta be good right!

However, did you know that 99% uptime equates to nearly 15 minutes downtime per day or 7 hours a month. Doesn't look so good now, does it.

When looking for reliability, the holy grail in IT is 'Five Nines'. That's 99.999% - which equates to just under 1 second downtime per day or just 5 minutes a year.

Don't confuse Uptime with Durability either. Some companies such as Dropbox and Amazon AWS talk about their 11 nines durability. This is great but is only linked to how safe and secure the files are, that reside on their systems.

If you want to know more about Uptime's you can use this really useful tool ->

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Can you text me a number?

Useful tip when using an iPhone. 

We've all been there. You get a text asking you to send over someone's phone number. You open up your contacts, search for the person and lookup their number. You then try to memorize it, write it down or do a bit of copying & pasting. You then go back to your text messages and type in all the details.

However, did you know there's a much easier way? As an example, Fred has asked me for Danny's work number. I just type in 'Danny's work number is' and the number appears underneath. I tap on it and click send. Job Done!

You can do the same for an Address, a mobile or even a fax number.

I've popped a few shortcut examples below.

  • ​Danny's number is 
  • Danny's address is 
  • Danny's mobile is 
  • Danny's work number is 

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Broadband speed test

Netflix recently launched a new website called '' to help check the speed of your broadband connection.

It's clean and simple and doesn't require flash like many other speed test sites.

As Netflix requires a fairly decent connection this is a good way for them to enure your broadband is ok before you complain that Netflix isn't working.
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Where's that short URL going to take me...?

We've all received a short URL at some point or other. You know, the ones that start with something like or

The thing is, we don't know where this little link is going to take us without clicking on it. If we do that, we could end up on a dodgy website somewhere.

So, can we check where the link will end up without clicking on it?  Yes, we can and there are several websites that'll help you do this safely.

Our favorite is unFurlr ​provided by MailChimp (a very well known email marketing company)

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