Email is the lifeblood of every business.
Here’s how we help keep yours flowing.






Access email everywhere.

We set you up with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace (we work with other platforms, but these two are by far the most popular). That way, whether you do something on your phone, computer or tablet, your mailbox and calendar automatically update on all your other devices too. And no need for a server.


Get less spam.

We can install a filter to help root out unwanted and dangerous emails – those containing viruses, that ask you to click on dubious links or that pretend to be from someone you trust. Think of it as a doorman, standing between the outside world and your inbox, welcoming in the good guys, sending the bad guys packing, and consulting you about the ones it isn’t sure it likes the look of.


Back up your mailbox.

Imagine losing all your emails, contacts and attachments. Now imagine if that happened to the whole business. Most people believe emails are backed up by Microsoft or Google, but actually the only place where they’re stored is in the user’s mailbox. Email back ups provide cost-effective peace of mind, ensuring we can easily restore everything if something major goes wrong.


Outsmart the scammers.

Cyber attackers target people not tech. Up to 99% of malicious software is let in by an unsuspecting employee clicking on a link in a phishing email. We show you criminals’ latest tactics - not just by telling you what to look for, but by sending our own, safe phishing emails, where clicking on a rogue link sends the user to training. It keeps everyone on their toes in a light-hearted way, and the results give bosses an idea of how well the company will do when targeted for real.


Don’t get hacked.

No one wants their contacts to get an embarrassing or dangerous email that appears to be from them, but isn’t. Or for their emails to be blocked by their clients because spammers have hijacked their address. With the right settings in place, you can dramatically reduce the chances of opportunists getting into your system and misusing your email addresses. 

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  • Servers, desktops and laptops
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