Waste management innovators value sustainable partnership

Ellgia Story

Cambridge Helpdesk were approachable and talked to us in language we understood.

Joe Rudd is full of ideas. And enthusiasm for them. As he explains, “Coming up with new, unique solutions that make us different from the rest – that’s  my job.”

Joe is the Sales Director at Ellgia Recycling, an innovative waste management company that uses the latest technology to design waste solutions for UK businesses. Cambridge Helpdesk has been supporting their success since Ellgia was set up in 2011.

Says Joe, “In my experience, many other IT companies are only interested in one thing – selling you hardware or support, and that’s it. But when it comes to Cambridge Helpdesk, if I’ve got an idea, they’ll help me make it happen. And they are a great partner to work with as they come up with their own ideas too. I like that.”

Cambridge Helpdesk have helped Ellgia embrace the potential of mobile devices, which the company uses effectively in everything from sales to safety.

Joe is grateful that Cambridge Helpdesk shares his passion for the transformative power of technology. He says “We took a brainchild to Cambridge Helpdesk. They carried out a lot of thoughtful development work, including putting themselves into the shoes of the sales team to find out what would work for them. It was important to all of us that the solution was future-proofed and able to evolve along the way.”

It was their ability to listen and translate business needs into workable IT that first convinced Ellgia to take Cambridge Helpdesk on. “Lots of other IT companies we’ve discussed things with gave us a technical explanation of a system but couldn’t describe it in layman’s terms. In comparison Cambridge Helpdesk were approachable and talked to us in language we understood. Others just quoted for what we said we wanted without any real thought process, but Cambridge Helpdesk took the trouble to ask what was behind what we said we required, and came up with a bespoke package based on what we actually needed.”

As well as helping the indomitable Joe bring his ideas to life, Cambridge Helpdesk provide solid IT support to Ellgia. Joe admits, “We can be very demanding. But the guys handle the requests very well and they are held in high regard right across Ellgia, by the directors and the staff.”

Ellgia particularly appreciated the commitment shown by Cambridge Helpdesk when the company moved its head office from Cambridge to Ely. “That was a big, big move for us. We moved everything lock, stock and barrel on a Friday evening and when we came in on the Monday morning the desks were set up, the server was working – every box was ticked. From the project planning and management to working throughout the weekend, I think Cambridge Helpdesk went beyond the call of duty in a spirit of partnership. They put themselves out that weekend, and it really helped our business.”

Cambridge Helpdesk should  resist any urge to rest on their laurels though, as Joe has other plans for them. “We’ve just scratched the surface. We’ve got some new ideas we’re developing – an off-the-shelf tool that we’re bespoking with Stuart and Miles at Cambridge Helpdesk. I expect they’re pulling their hair out right now! But it’s going to revolutionise what we do.”


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When it comes to Cambridge Helpdesk, if I’ve got an idea, they’ll help me make it happen.
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