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The right tech helps you maximise productivity.
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Get the best tools for your business.

Tell us about your business, tasks and budgets and we’ll advise you on great, cost-effective equipment. Whether desktop, laptop or tablet, Windows or Mac, we find the right spec at the right price and supply, set up and install it so all you have to do is take it out of the box and turn it on. We also sort out screens, keyboards, docking stations and anything else you might need to complete your kit.


The latest way to print.

Buying a printer is an expensive way to commit yourself to a printer that’s soon past its best, and you still have to remember to buy ink and toner. With a printer subscription on the other hand, you only pay for what you print on a quarterly basis – which works out much cheaper for most businesses. And you get data on who prints carelessly, so you can manage your costs and your environmental impact.


Sort the nuts and bolts of networking.

We supply and support all those boxes you have in your office like routers, network switches and Wi-Fi access points – the ones you use all the time and rely on for your connections, without realising they’re even there.


Keep the power on when it goes off.

Unplanned power cuts happen. Even if the electricity only goes off briefly, it can be enough for staff to lose their work. That’s deeply frustrating and a huge waste of time. UPS devices kick in when the power goes out, keeping computers on and providing valuable time to save work. But what happens when there’s too much power? We can provide surge protection against power spikes that can damage devices.

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