Your network creates the connections your business needs.
Here’s how we make yours fast and secure.






Link up your office.

We set up internet access, connect multiple offices together and ensure all your devices (computers, printers etc) are networked. You can just turn on your kit and crack on with work.


Get broadband sorted.

Your internet connection is the fuel powering your business. Even a Ferrari goes nowhere on an empty tank. We organise fast, reliable and cost-effective business broadband at the speed your staff need for their work. And if you’re in a rural location with limited broadband options, we’ll find other ways to build or boost your connection.


Win at Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi can be the weak link in your defences, allowing people into parts of your system where they shouldn’t be. We make sure everyone who comes on site (staff, suppliers, customers, guests, students and so on) have safe online access appropriate to them.


Put boundaries in place.

Many businesses have areas on their network they need to restrict to specific departments or users – for example creating folders only HR or R&D teams can see. All companies also need to understand how to protect their cabled network. For example, making sure that visitors or other staff based in the building can’t plug in and get access to what should be private systems when they’re using communal meeting rooms. We can help set up a Virtual Local Area Network – a VLAN for short – to keep systems tightly segmented so that you can be confident about confidentiality.


Make your next move.

Whether you’re relocating or expanding your current premises, you’ll need cabling. Make the optimal investment for the speed your business needs with structured cabling (including Cat5e and Cat6). The right choice allows staff to perform routine tasks quickly, improving productivity, without over-speccing the cabling project. Our cabling is tested and guaranteed for a certain speed and our comms cabinets are tidy, for easy maintenance.


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  • Landlines
  • Mobiles
  • VoIP
  • Mobile Device Management


Hardware & Software

  • Sourcing and setting up
  • Servers, desktops and laptops
  • Windows and macOS
  • Remote and onsite support

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