Data & Backups

  • Data & Backups

    There are many different ways to store and share company data.
    How you do it depends on certain factors such as:-

    • How much data you have
    • Who needs access - Sales, Finance, HR, Management etc
    • Where staff are located - Head Office, Home, Mobile, Overseas
    • The type of data - Databases, Applications, Documents, Images, Videos etc
    • Data Protection requirements - Encryption, Backups & Archiving etc

  • Data & Backups

    We provide several different backup solutions for files and email.
    Some solutions can cost as little as £40 a year for unlimited storage.
    Below are some of the backup solutions we offer...

    • Server backups
    • NAS backups
    • Exchange Server and email backup
    • SQL Server backups
    • Accounts backups - Sage & Quickbooks etc
    • Hosted email backups
    • Email archiving - long term retention
    • PC and Laptop backup
    • Backup to USB/NAS - For local/online storage
    • Backup to to the cloud - For offline storage

  • Data & Backups

    If you need help deciding how best to store and share files for your staff give us a call.
    Below are some of the most common options...

    • Network Attached Storage - NAS
    • File Server storage
    • CHDCloud - Cloud file storage for UK businesses
    • Dropbox
    • OneDrive
    • Google Drive

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