• Cloud

    People are often confused about cloud computing. Trying to understand what it is, what it can do for you and your business and whether it's safe, reliable and cost effective.

    We can help answer all the queries you have and work out what you're already using the cloud for and what else may or may not be beneficial.

    Essentially, cloud computing just means using a server or service hosted remotely on the Internet rather than your local office or personal Laptop or PC.

    The most common examples (although most people don't realize it) are your email and website. These are usually hosted on a server on the Internet - possibly even in another country.

  • Cloud

    The Cloud covers lots of areas but is most commonly used for...

    • Websites
    • E-Mail
    • File storage and file sharing (e.g. Dropbox, CHDCloud, GoogleDrive etc)
    • Hosted Servers
    • Web based applications - CRM's & ERP systems etc
    • Intranets and Extranets
    • Online backups
    • VoIP
    • Online meetings and collaboration
  • Cloud

    A good cloud solution will have the following benefits...


    • No physical hardware to purchase
    • Rapid deployment
    • Easier to scale up/down
    • Plenty of fast, reliable bandwidth
    • Secure
    • Fire supression
    • Redundant power
    • Fixed monthly costs


    • Reliant on the provider
    • Requires an Internet connection
    • You don't own the hardware
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