Specialist PR agency enjoys service beyond its size

Zyme Story

It’s vital for me to have a reliable company that will action things quickly.

Lorna Cuddon set up Zyme Communications in 2010 to provide a fresh approach to strategic and specialist communications services for the life sciences sector.

Their portfolio now includes more than 50 leading organisations. Cambridge Helpdesk has been at Lorna’s side from day one, meeting her needs as her business has gone from strength to strength.

“I first contacted them really early on when I wanted advice setting up the business, such as where email should be hosted. Then Zyme grew more quickly than I’d anticipated and I needed someone to put systems in place that would be future proof, because how I was working initially certainly wasn’t.”

With five PR specialists now based in the science hubs of Cambridge and Manchester, and with client work that frequently takes them overseas, the ability to collaborate on documents in real time is essential. Cambridge Helpdesk provided lightweight hardware for Lorna and her staff and set up secure systems to help them work together wherever they might be. “I guess I’m used to it now, but I remember when they first put all of our client files onto the cloud. No matter where we are, we can still share things and work on the same document and that’s brilliant. We couldn’t manage without it.”

Lorna found Cambridge Helpdesk via a Google search, and arranged a chat to talk about her emerging needs. Having worked in large communications agencies and in life science companies before taking the plunge as a business owner, she had plenty of experience of in-house IT support, and was looking for something more responsive. “I remember getting frustrated in the past. It could take a day or two for someone to get back to you and it wasn’t always that helpful when they did. What I particularly value with Cambridge Helpdesk is the quick reply. You log a support request, receive a ticket and get a response from one of the guys pretty much at the same time.”

Zyme is in the communications business, meeting short media deadlines every day, so quick issue resolution is vital. As Lorna says, “It’s all about communications – to be able to communicate with the press, our clients and each other. If email goes down it stops everything. It’s vital for me to have a reliable company that will action urgent things quickly. It’s brilliant.”

Lorna’s boutique agency values being able to call on their expert team at Cambridge Helpdesk.

“I know we can go to them and get really up-to-date advice on anything IT-related. They’re always testing new ideas and it’s really helpful when they send alerts about things I should be aware of like highlighting current virus threats and how to handle them.”

As a public relations strategist, Lorna could – literally – write the book about the importance of personal service and strong connections. She likes to know who she is dealing with. Of Cambridge Helpdesk she says,  “I think they’re quite a likeminded business to Zyme in a way. Like  us, they’re a relatively small agency of senior, experienced people. I know the team, I trust their advice and I enjoy working with them; so much so I always recommend Cambridge Helpdesk when I’m approached by someone setting up a business.”


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I know we can go to them and get really up-to-date advice on anything IT-related.
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